Joining Girlchoir

If you are new to the La Crosse Girlchoir, the first step in joining the choir is to audition. Auditions are held every September and January for the upcoming semester. Please contact the director, Shealan Bahr, to schedule a time. Alternative times are available if necessary.

Spring Semester 2017 Registration Form

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Policies and Procedures of the La Crosse Girlchoir Inc.

Disclosure Statement



Membership into the LaCrosse Girlchoir carries the commitment to attend all rehearsals and be present at every concert except in extreme circumstances. Illness on the day of rehearsal should be called into the director. A request to be excused from a rehearsal should be made two weeks prior to the rehearsal being missed by completing an absence form and submitting it to the choir manager. No more than three absences during the course of one semester will be allowed. This is to ensure that the standards of the Girlchoir are not threatened by lack of participation.

To report an absence to your director the day of rehearsal, please send a text or call.
To report an absence in advance of the rehearsal date please text, call, or email.

Mrs. Bahr: 608-317-9178 or click here to email.
Mrs. Drey: 608-633-4652 or click here to email.

Absence Form


Cost of participation is $250/semester for Touring choir and $200/semester for Concert choir.  50% of tuition is due at the beginning of the semester (registration fee) and the remaining half is due by the last rehearsal at Viterbo (before the dress rehearsal at  concert location).  Scholarships and significant fundraising opportunities are available each semester.  A tremendous musical training value, dollar for dollar – it breaks down to about $3.00-$3.50 per hour when local vocal instructors are currently charging between $15-$25/hr

Anticipated cost

Scholarship Forms


Before and after the performance girls wear the following:

  • Black knee length straight skirt (strictly knee length – not above or below.)
  • Concert Choir: White blouse with a peter pan collar available for purchase from the choir. Touring Choir: White women’s style T shirt
  • Black cardigan from Lands End – available for purchase through the choir
  • Flesh colored nylons
  • Black flat shoes

At the performance girls wear black dresses provided by the choir.

Fittings are scheduled for a rehearsal date. The girls wear the dresses only for performance time, therefore, they change into and out of the dresses at the performance location.

Clothing Order Form

Parent provided clothing

Touring Choir

Concert dresses provided by Girlchoir